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28 Days Later...

So close to single digits and yet here we are again on a plateau.

Latest paraprotein is stubbornly stuck on 14, so March is going to be a big old month. 6 Nations will be decided. Newcastle will hopefully be comfortably north of the relegation zone and I will have a clear view on how much longer I can enjoy the sunshine before getting zipped up into quarantine. On that note, if you have any good box set / movie suggestions send them my way. I anticipate having a truck load of time to do nothing more than watch tv or sleep. I'm hoping they let me stick an exercise bike in the room... 1 plus 1 may always equal 2, but illness plus drugs does not always equal cure. Whatever is going on inside my compromised immune system, it just does not want to get with the program and be tamed. (I know, it sounds like a familiar trait!) So one last crack at this chemo. If it kicks into action again this month, in a twisted way this is good news but means 2 more months of drugs.. If not, its route 1 to stem cell transplant.

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