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40 is the new 14!!

Not much to say apart from YEAHHHHSSSSSSAAAA!!!! Latest Paraprotein is down from 25 to 14. 3 months ago I didn't think we'd get anywhere close to single digits so with 2 more months of this chemo, I am hoping to get as close to zero as possible and in good shape for stem cell. Thanks to everyone for the continued support and for registering for  stem cell donation. I'm back at the Christie on the 9th Feb to find out about whether a donor has been found and the timeframe for operations. Todays news can only expedite the process and get the worst part of 2018 kicked off. Then, its all about recovery and the hope of a long lasting remission. I'll write a more thorough update after the Christie visit unless something substantial occurs in the meantime, but for now, not much more to say. The numbers speak volumes:

  1. 2018

  2. 40  years old

  3. 74 to 14 I refuse to get carried away but 2017 has been well and truly kicked into the history books.

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