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A New Dope

Ranulph Fiennes is keeping me company. Cracking read btw; right up my street and very relevant as you can appreciate. The Hickman line has proved its worth too; so easy having the bags of goodness just connected rather than injected through a cannula. Still very odd however. At least age and fitness are on my side so can't really go much more aggressively than we are. I feel genuinly lucky that I have the medical options on the table to fight this. Even though I'll lose the hair and feel sh1t for a few months, it is great that there are ways to control what is a pretty unpleasant disease. I did ask again today if there was any chance the Docs had made a mistake; sadly we all know the answer I got. So all in all a good day. Medication is so far, manageable and I'm loving getting the messages and visitors. I won't get too sentimental but everyone of you is making such a difference to my approach and mindset. We are 1 day closer to the finish line! Now, I've just got to hope that the Empire decides not to strike back and therefore negates the need for a returning Jedi to show up because I'll have to don my slap head covering thinking cap and get creative with the headlines!

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