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Day One in the Big Brother house...

Trepidation, Flagellation, Revelation

(WARNING: PG RATING. NEXT PARAGRAPH CONTAINS MINOR GRAPHICAL REFERENCES TO MEDICAL PROCEDURE) I found out that scarring left from the previous line made it more difficult to insert the new cabling. A second doctor had to be called 50 minutes into the 40 minute procedure to give the pipe a good push, to break through the stubborn vein and muscle. I tensed up and was unable to differentiate between the sweat dripping from my neck and the blood that was  flowing from the insertion point! Thankfully the doctor was a rock star and she kept me focussed by talking about whisky, commuting from Liverpool and life in Russia! I'll stop there but if you want any further details, I'll happily provide you with the 50 Shades version offline! Anyway, about an hour 20 later, it was in and I was knackered! So next stop was the X-ray department, lunch with Jenn and back ooop to the ward to settle in. Which is where am now, listening to the dulcet clicks and clacks of Baxter and from where I contemplate the shock and surprise at my own lack of self awareness. I'm also mulling over whether to be appreciative at the consideration and sensitive nature of the Bunbury crew, or pissed off and suspicious at the whole village for their collective ability to hold a poker face in my company but no doubt, be sniggering at my inadvertent nod to 1950's footballers when I headed home. I won't gloss over this; I'm sporting a comb over. I looked in the mirror of my new en-suite room and was horrified at what stared back at me. How did I not see this before? Why did no one tell me? I had a blast of chemo about 4 weeks ago in the build up to the stem cell harvest and slowly but surely, my hair has been thinning with every gust of wind over 5 knots. Maybe Charlton didn't spot it either. Regardless, I'm now having to reconsider my previously judgemental approach on the decisions people make regarding hair design. Anyway, enough for now. I'm on the chemo so its just a waiting game  until it kicks in. I'll keep a note of goings on each day and let you know how things are on the other side of this. Can't wait until I'm told I have been evicted!

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