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Days 2 to 5

Sponge Bob – As good as it gets. Feeling chipper, blindly optimistic and getting on as well as can be expected

Jerry – Feel fine but there is a nagging awareness of a cat wielding a meat cleaver lurking around the corner. Translates to mild hangover

Garfield – I just want to lie down after forcing down some lasagne. Still able to function but don’t really feel like doing so

Charlie– Something is definitely wrong. No energy to kick footballs and feeling down in the dumps. Snoopy is on point for chores today

Eeyore-  How low can you go? No get up and go today. Probably cannot be bothered to tap on a keyboard. My tail will need pinning back on at bedtime _______________________________________________________________________ My cousin Stuart sent me a thought provoking message today. He and I are both of the opinion that we were blessed with words so best use them to communicate. However, it got me thinking that perhaps I need to be more inclusive and maybe my wordy blogs are not connecting with the younger generations (and the plethora of Bunbury-Mum Whatsapp groups) effectively enough. So donning my process improvement hat (yes, I am bored already) I have created the “Universal Scale of Popular Animated Characters for Millenials And Bunbury Mums” or “U SPAnC MI BUM” for short. Using the mode of communication favoured by the youth of today, i.e. pictures, it is my hope that “U SPAnC MI BUM” will effectively convey my situation on any given day without the need for what some might see as unnecessary verbatim.

For anyone interested in more than just pictures, I’ll try to use words to add a bit of colour, but on days where Charlie or Eeyore come out to play, that may not be possible. If successful, I'll look to donate this to the NHS for wider roll out so feel free to send feedback! _______________________________________________________________________

Day 2

Starting to feel a little like I'm hungover but more than manageable. For the record, Day 1 can be classed as a Sponge Bob day despite the Hickman debacle. Looking forward to more of those in due course. As I've stated previously, there are no barriers to conversation in here. I've already been told I need to provide samples of everything that leaves my person daily which apart from being bloody unpleasant, is still embarrassing. But on the plus side, for all my single mates out there, my advice to you would be that  you simply cannot offend a nurse when chatting them up, so even the most ham fisted of approaches should be redeemable. (I've found they get most excited about convo's involving "juicy" veins and needles. Different world but a good starter for 10 and way better than "you must be tired because you've been running around my head all night")   Plus you get the uniform thrown in for free if you don't balls it up totally.

I digress.

Because my blood counts are still good despite the chemo yesterday, I have been allowed to leave the room to go for a wander, so I'll see how the medical team feel about me going to the Trafford Centre for the afternoon.*

*Request was denied

I'll be getting my stem cells back later today too; it all happens in a very short space of time...

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Its 17:36 and we are sending in the troops... This is what the NHS/McCleave coalition have been tirelessly working towards. No one likes war but on this occasion, we have no choice but to call upon the big guns. Get in there chaps and do your duty!! Nothing else of note to comment on today. See you on tomorrow _______________________________________________________________________

Day 3

... as on day 2 began with 0200 obvs. Woke up again at 0730 still feeling tired. Hmmm, I think I might be starting to feel the effects of days 1 and 2 but refuse to accept this so did some exercise and went out for lunch. (Chicken Ramen if you are interested) Hiccups have returned too which is a nuisance but not a violent as previous episodes. Discovered an awesome place called Maggies which is an amazing building to hang out in. Its a centre where patients, families, anyone really, can go but was designed by Lord Foster and is more like a Scandinavian retreat than clinical facility, with wood burners, gardens and seating areas. I was also asked to take part in a promo video for them so look out for my first foray into film! Keeping these short for the Millennial readership. I'm off to Instagram and Snap Chat my Ramen because I'm that cool. _______________________________________________________________________

Day 4

Day 5

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