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For someone who did not really like maths at school...

Not much to say but 2 numbers of significance to report.

3.4 and 31%

Paraprotein has dropped again from an unexpected 4.8 to a spectacularly off the radar 3.4.

The only down side to this is that the drugs knock the wind out of you on a daily basis with tiredness and a bit of a foggy head. But nothing a coffee or a brisk walk can't clear! Then, on to stat number 2. In 9 weeks, we have got 3'138 people registered on the donor list. Outstanding! Already over a quarter of the way to the (first) target of 10'000. More importantly there have been 3 confirmed matches which is precisely why we do what we do. I won't waffle on because quite honestly, there is nothing much to report. And I'm very mindful of overloading everyone with this stuff. It's a tightrope of needing to promote and push whilst not imposing on you all. I've got a critical mass of connections and you have done so much of what you can to support the campaign. But at the same time, I (greedily) need to cast the net wider and open up the message to more people. So November might be a bit quieter on the comms front. But if you have any thoughts on how to freshen up the drive and expand the network, I'm all ears! I the run up to Christmas, what are the odds of doing a Bon Jovi?

Woahhh... we're half way there!!!

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