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I Can Live With This

4.8 (I was expecting it to have gone up truth be told given the history of my results) And for a brief few seconds, the pressure lifted and I felt normal and free of the anxiety. There was no dark cloud. The sky was clear and sun shone both inside and out! Of course then the devil on the other side of my brain chipped in with "its only temporary, it won't last, don't get your hopes up!" And this is true. But for that day, those thoughts could fcuk right off. Which brings me nicely to the other stuff which is making life so engaging. Yes, I am back on chemo and it is taking its toll again. I'm tired, my brain is foggy for chunks of the day and I'm not as sharp as I was when not on the drugs. But the media world that is now accompanying my story is just bonkers! Posters, interviews, blogs, presentations, adverts, news papers... who saw this coming? (again, I reiterate my apology for becoming a media floozy and clogging up every app on your phones) And it is making a tangible difference too. Of the 1333 (and increasing daily) new registrants we have signed up, the campaign has a confirmed 3 donor matches! How cool is that! People do give a monkeys which gives us all hope. And I am beyond grateful to have engaged with so many new people I would not ordinarily have had the opportunity to meet. People who work in different sectors, live different lives and who have given me new perspectives;  got me thinking just a little bit more dynamically. Yes, the catalyst for interaction is not the most pleasant, but I am becoming a more rounded, educated person as a result (I know it sounds very Jerry Springer but give me a little leeway!) I am fully aware that the campaign is currently surfing a wave of interest and good will;  that over time, this might wane and I'll have to think of new ways to reinvigorate momentum. But like my (temporary!) moment of unbridled optimism at the result today, I think we can all just enjoy the small wins in what has turned into such a worthwhile endeavour.


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