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Kidneys, Cars and Canines

I had a few things planned this week which if they came off, would mean life chez McCleave would be a bit different come the weekend. Luckily the good stuff came to pass but the joy that is myeloma still managed to stick its nose into proceedings and derail the week with a trip to A&E (which is where is am typing this right now) So what's been occurin'? I'm in a bit of  holding pattern until the 15th when I get an update on whether doubling up the drugs dose has kicked off a reaction and the paraprotein has started to drop. Patience continues to be a virtue in which I am sadly lacking but my reaction to this round has felt different to the first so I'm hopeful something is going on in there. This first week off chemo has been a bit tougher than round one if I'm honest. Felt more tired more often and carried a headache most days. Basically had a hangover without the fun part the night before. And my back has turned to jelly which is why I'm into hour 3 at the Countess awaiting blood tests and a scan. I've felt achy the last couple of weeks but was still able to maintain a reasonably active lifestyle. (Don't worry Mum, I've not been out on the bike !) Then I tried to get out of bed Tuesday and literally couldn't get up. Rolled on both sides, pulled myself up onto the headboard, (punched a few things in frustration) but the pain in my lower back was brutal. And this has continued all week. It's given me a window of foresight into life as a 90 year old; I think I'll be a pretty grumpy oap! So it was against this backdrop of events that the McCleaves welcomed good news story no.1 into the fold; my mobility vehicle arrived! 4 litres of V6 equine loveliness cantered its way onto the driveway and with it's automatic gearbox, will allow me to continue living an independent and fulfilling existence (which a physically demanding manual clearly would not) Thankyou Henry Ford. Given my back issues, the timing could not have been planned any better. Hold your horses, (can you spot the theme?) nurse is telling me to go for X-Rays. Back in a tick... Zapped. Waiting for the results now. (Anecdotally, since the pneumonia last year, I worked out I've had 7 X-rays, 2 CT scans, 1 PET CT scan and 8 doses of chemo. No wonder my kidneys and body in general are getting a bit grouchy!) Which leads me onto surprise no.2. Where the addition of a Ford  Mustang to the family was made under a banner of clear and sound decision making, my judgement was clearly impaired by the volume of meds I've been subjected to of late when a small furry object that wees on the kitchen floor (right in my path on the way to the kettle) landed at Barn 5. Yes, Jenn badgered me for so long that at my weakest, I caved and we are now responsible for a black labrador puppy. Named Coco (pop) by Max and Seb,  I am lobbying to have it renamed to something like Brutus or Hercules (I can't go out in public shouting "Coco, go fetch" or "heel Coco." Seriously) And Jenn and the boys didn't have a clue! I've learnt I'm a remarkably good liar but it was a welcome surprise; tears were shed. (not just by me when the gravity of the situation hit home!) That the puppy will grow into a lumbering great hound that will break stuff and leave mammoth deposits in the garden has been lost amid a sea of cooing over the tiny creature. Its not like its even that cute ;) Nurse has returned and results are in. Kidneys look fine and bonus news is my lung, which was the catalyst for the investigation that led to the myeloma diagnosis, is healing! Finally a positive! So I have to go for an MRI scan next week to see why my back is giving up the ghost. I'll keep you posted.
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