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They weren't there before ...

  1. 2 cycles of new chemo (minimum) which will take me to November at best.

  2. Stem cell transplant which will last around 2 - 3  months then however long it takes to recover. 2017 is all about the treatment and 2018 about bloody enjoying life post treatment. That's where my focus is now and as stated previously, you are all invited to a combined Christmas, New Year, 40th birthday and post chemo party that will be epic. Date tbc.

Finally, in anticipation of going full slap head I had a mate give me an all over grade 2 yesterday. All I need now are a few selectively placed tattoos and my conversion from middle class man to street thug will be complete. Righty-ho, not much more to say so I'll wrap it up and stick my new hobby of Netflix on to pass a few hours. Adios!

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