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“To make stem cells as common and available as aspirin”


It starts with "10'000 Donors"

Twitter - @pmjmccleave Instagram - pmjmccleave Facebook - Peter McCleave You Tube - Peter McCleave Email - I have asked so much of you all but once again, I need your help. Please share, like, talk to people you know and get them to please engage online with the campaign. Ask if they would be willing to let me come and present to them. Ask them to follow me online and share with their networks. The internet can be used for so much more than cats playing keyboards. (and seriously, if such videos can go viral, surely this goal can achieve something similar!!) Of course it would be great if everyone registered (please use going forwards so I can track how many people sign up!)  but even if they don't, having them mention to one of their friends who talks over a beer to their partner, who chats to their hairdresser etc... will keep the chain of communication flowing and organically grow the community. If this can happen then I know the world will benefit from our work. And how often can we say that? This is only the start.

My presentation is finished and ready to be delivered. If I am feeling up to it and free, I will travel wherever. I'll write. Post. Support donor drives and promote any charitable events you guys find time to engage with to hit the target, I'll then set an even bigger one. This is not meant to be a war cry of unsubstantiated hyperbole. I have to make this work. Not just for myself and my family, but for all the people who are battling with an illness that could be managed or cured using stem cell technology. We are at the beginning of what I believe could prove to be a huge step forwards in how quickly lives can be saved. Imagine if the bank of stem cell donors was so vast, diverse and available, that when someone needed a transplant, they were more likely to find a match than less. That they would not need to go out to campaign for a match. To concern themselves with how long they might have to live. Or how their families will cope. Or who to ask to help them find a donor. I see a more complete and diverse register as akin to the impact Alexander Graham Bell made to how we communicate with our friends and family. Pigeon post was made obsolete in one technological leap. And like the telephone, I want us to take stem cells for granted. Not ungratefully but as a benefit we can all take advantage of without prejudice. So should the need to search globally for someone to donate something as simple and painless as stem cells when all they need to be is educated and stick a cotton bud in their mouth! 1st of September 2018 is when blood cancer awareness month starts and is when I officially go live with the campaign. Watch this space... (and get involved if you can!)

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