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Unlucky for some

Friday 13TH Simply put, we are back to square 1. The Aussie "match", like the American, turned out to be a lemon. Seems lightning is more than capable of striking twice and is able to do so with scant regard for those on the wrong end of its fury. Fairness does not come into the equation sadly. So how is this possible? Well, the official version of events is as follows; and sounds like something more aligned to buying a computer back in the 80's. When you get swabbed, the test is done at a low resolution. What this means is that the brains back at the lab only identify a proportion of the overall genetic code that has to be a match for chumps like me in need of a new immune system. It is cheaper to do it this way. These therefore give an indication of potential match rather than a cast iron guarantee. Based on the potential match, donors are then called in to have a blood test, where a high resolution test is run i.e. looking at all the associated genetic factors. Makes total sense but does little to soften the blow. At least we now know more detail behind the process; to the point where I'm sure I am worthy of a doctorate in this field! Also found out that the post stem cell paraprotein number is 9.

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